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On the tarmac SUVs
On the tarmac SUVs



On the tarmac SUVs
On the tarmac SUVs


Executive Protection Transport offers professional chauffeur services that represent a lifetime of experience. We remain a small, focused company that endeavors to maintain our “Always on Time” motto and mission. Over the past thirty plus, years our driver associates experience includes; Hotel Management, Pilot, Police Officer, Fire Fighter, and Transportation Manager.

Our backgrounds and training are far more extensive than other limousine companies, allowing us to bring you the highest standards in hospitality, and safety, putting us squarely on the leading edge of world class chauffeur services.

Executive Protection Transport driver associates possess extensive training in, Defensive Driving, Tactical Defensive Driving, Accident Avoidance, Advanced Driving Techniques, Route Planning and First Aid.

We offer a vast knowledge of airport and FBO operations including tarmac and ground to air radio procedures. We have added extended coverage insurance for special operations, hotel, and concert venues as well as for extended trips outside of the greater Cincinnati metro area.

Essential components of an Executive Protection Transport driver include the following:

  • A driver with local knowledge

  • Maintains confidentiality

  • A vetted, experienced driver with proper licensing

  • Conducts advance work (Routes, secondary routes, hospital, safe havens)

  • Surveillance Detection Tactics & Techniques Protective

  • Evasive Driving (Accident Avoidance and Advanced Driving)

  • Direct communication with security team and FAM’s G-SOC

For our clients safety and comfort, our vehicles carry a First Aid Medical/Trauma Kit, Ground to Ground Radios, Ground to Air Radio, Fire Extinguisher, Charging Cables, Tooth Brush and Tooth Paste, Aspirin, Tylenol, Advil, Tum’s, Daily Newspaper, FIJI Water, Mints, Nutritional Bar’s, Cashews and Almond Nuts.
Driver and vehicle details provided to client prior to start of service.