Luxury with room and comfort...

Our fleet of premium luxury sedan and large SUV's insure that you will ride in style and comfort. All of our vehicles are furnished with amenities and safety items that you will not find in other livery's vehicles. From Kind bars and aspirin to trauma kits and personal comfort items, we take the safety and comfort of our clients as our "Job 1".

Premium Large SUV's

Our 5 passenger SUV's have plenty of legroom and space to carry a large payload of luggage as well. Furnished with all of the essential elements to make your travels with us enjoyable. Large comfortable seats and amenities such as charging cables help the busy professional work while traveling to and from their appointments.

Luxury Sedan

When you have to impress, we are pleased to offer the finest. The BMW 740i executive. With an absolutely huge rear seat leg area and all of the amenities you've come to expect from BMW, this vehicle will definitely let people know you have arrived.